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As part of the general observation procedures all followup photometric observations carried out by this group try to determine also the rough proper motion of the objects under study. These observations help us to determine the membership in local moving groups as well as populations of the galaxy. We also have two large long term programs underway which will contribute to the global scientific goals of the IPERCOOL proposal.

The Absolute Proper motions Outside the Plane catalog re-reduces raw observations compiled for the Guide Star Catalog to determine precise absolute proper motions of objects outside of the galactic plane. This project has produced it's first catalog and will be published in 2012 many of the high proper motion objects will be low mass stars.

The UKIDSS proper motion survey is using the UKIDSS first and second epochs to find reasonably precise and absolute proper motions of all objects in that survey. This survey will find very red high proper motion objects that are candidates for low mass stars and brown dwarfs.

The serendipitous discovery of the companion to the L dwarf 0719-50

proper motion


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